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A discussion about REAL business opportunities/affiliate programs that make REAL money

Discussion in 'what's the best hosting for wordpress' started by MrJagunmolu, Nov 15, 2017.

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    Nov 10, 2017
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    I'm sure we've all seen the hype about making a million dollars in 12 days doing this or $1000 a day doing that, and like sheep we join these programs only to find out that they weren't what they appeared to be. You'll either spend more money in advertising than profits you'll get back or else you'll pay hundreds of dollars to buy into a "system" and never be able to get it off the ground. Now I'm not saying that every business opportunity is a scam, definitely not. There are some really good ones out there that actually work and this thread is all about finding out exactly which ones those are. I would like you to share your business opportunity/affiliate program here letting me know about YOUR personal experiences with it. Please, just stick to the facts, don't post hype or fake payment proofs cause those are OH SO OBVIOUS! Just let me know what the opportunity is, your link to join or get more info, how long you've been doing it, how much profit you've made so far and how much it's cost you to make that profit. In addition it would be helpful to discuss what advertising methods you've used to achieve your results. I'm looking forward to seeing some awesome stuff!! Thanks everyone!

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